After Canada legalized marijuana last year and one state after another in the U.S. has legalized, countries in Europe are moving in the same direction. Key officials in countries throughout Europe are debating whether it is a smart move for their country.

When the announcement was made that Canada was moving forward with legalization of recreational use for the entire country, a Spanish leader noted that Spain would be the most logical country to follow suit. Spain already allows growing, possession, and consumption in the home. However, a bigger move would require new legislation.

But Luxembourg followed months after Canada’s move to legalize by proclaiming that they will permit recreational marijuana use.

In early 2019, Belgium has shown a significant step towards legalization. The government approved legislation to create a cannabis agency, focused on creating regulations and giving authorization for agencies handling marijuana for medical use.

The European Parliament is also falling on the side of marijuana legalization, as a resolution was passed recently encouraging attention to the barriers involved in handling the plant — from financial and regulatory to cultural roadblocks.

En route to addressing those issues is a request that governments in the European Union make a clear distinction between medical use of marijuana and all other uses. Meanwhile, statistics show that marijuana is the most commonly used drug throughout Europe.

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