First Horizon National Corp. (NYSE: FHN), a regional wealth management and banking service that operates mainly in the State of Tennessee in the United States, has released their earnings report for Q4 2019.

The analysts’ consensus estimate for revenue for this quarter was $468.61 million and the company beat the estimate, coming in at $494.70 million (+5.56% vs estimates). This represents a YoY total revenue growth of 19.22%.

The company posted an EPS of $0.47 which beat analyst consensus estimate of $0.4194 (+12.06% vs estimates). This EPS result represents a YoY growth of 34.28%.

The stock has performed well on a one-year basis and is up just over 15% since January 2019. The dividend yield is also decent, at about 3.46% with a 5-year growth rate of 22.87% and a relatively low payout ratio at 34.66%.

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