The main focus of Liberty Health Sciences (CNSX: LHS) is to satisfy the needs of their US customers, and with that focus in mind, the business is making strides to adjust their board of directors and senior executives.

Currently, plans are in motion to see Chief Executive Officer George Scorsis step down from his position as CEO and also from his position on the board. Scorsis’ move is one of three changes currently in motion at Liberty Health Services.

Scorsis has held the position since July 2017. At the same time, he is listed as the Chairman of the Board for Scythian Biosciences Corp and Lead Director at the same company.

The second move is finding an interim replacement for Scorsis once he stands down. That effort will be undertaken by Victor Mancebo, the current President of the company. Mancebo and other company officials have noted that, with his knowledge of Florida and day-to-day operations for Liberty Health, the typical period of flux while the new CEO familiarizes themselves with the company won’t be an issue.

Meanwhile, Rene Gulliver, the company’s Chief Financial Officer, will be tendering his resignation. His replacement for the interim will be Scott Meyers, who already works for Liberty Health as the Director of Finance. Meyers is an Illinois native and sufficiently equipped to help handle the company’s primary focus and interests in the U.S.

Gulliver previously worked for Dream Global Real Estate Investment Trust from 2014 to 2016. His start day with Liberty Health is not of public record. Gulliver also worked for Dundee International Real Estate Investment Trust from 2013 to 2014.

A full-scale effort to find U.S. natives to fill both the CEO and CFO positions is currently underway. Meanwhile, the company hopes to stay at the top of its game providing a high-quality cannabis experience for each customer, as per their mission statement.

The company recently announced the opening of its ninth and 10th dispensaries in Florida, moving forward with plans to provide better access to quality product for U.S. medical marijuana users.

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