Hollywood star Seth Rogen implored his 6.7 million Instagram followers to back the Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty as interest in marijuana spiked on 4/20.

April 20 is the biggest day of the year for cannabis sales as it has developed into an unofficial marijuana day among users. Rogen, who has starred in films like The Pineapple Express, Superbad and Knocked Up and recently got into the weed business in collaboration with Canopy Growth Corp., pointed out that 4/20 is about activism.

He used the Instagram platform in a bid to bring injustices revolving around cannabis in Canada to light. “Canadians deserve freedom, not forgiveness,” said Rogen, urging his followers to put pressure on the Canadian government to amend Bill C-93.

He wants to see it changed so the it expunges, rather than merely suspends, criminal records surrounding cannabis use. He implored Canadians to lobby their MPs for a law change and pile pressure on the government to act.

Canada has already pledged to pardon Canadians previously convicted of marijuana possession. The campaign wants to see it go further by expunging convictions rather simply suspending them, and it wants to see them wiped out immediately, for free, and be permanently deleted.

In Oct. 2018, Jagmeet Singh and Murray Rankin of the NDP tabled a private member’s Bill, C-415, which would expunge the criminal records of Canadians with convictions for personal possession of cannabis. Cannabis Amnesty wants cannabis users to back this bill and push for expungements over pardons.

Elsewhere, retailers struggled to meet soaring demand for cannabis on 4/20. Leading delivery site and app Ease.com crashed repeatedly after announcing a happy hour deal offering free delivery to anyone in California and a 20% discount to Americans in other states.

It urged patience among customers while it dealt with “intermittent outages”, promising it had all hands on deck in a bid to fix the problem, but many customers expressed their disappointment and annoyance.

Health Canada also admitted it was aware of localised shortages of cannabis in some markets as everyone stocked up for a big 4/20 blowout. The day has been likened to Black Friday for the marijuana industry.

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