Looking to increase brand recognition as CBD becomes a household word and cannabis finds increased legalization in a variety of US states, TILT Holdings Inc. (CSE: TILT; OTCQB: SVVTF) just announcement a partnership with CMW Media. 

The global public relations firm has strongly focused on cannabis-related projects in the past, previously releasing a documentary titled Crisis, which highlighted a legal battle in Mexico over patient access to CBD products. CMW has also worked with cannabis clients such as Kannaway Hemp Oil and AXIM Biotechnologies. 

Through the newly announced public relations deal, CMW will put TILT and the company’s various subsidiaries on display with a blitz of nationwide media coverage. 

TILT’s interim Chief Executive Officer Mark Scatterday had this to say about hiring the media firm: 

From an operational and functionality standpoint, TILT is positioned better and stronger than we’ve ever been, and we want the world to know it. Our goal with CMW is to educate the public on TILT’s ongoing successes and bring light to our subsidiary businesses through media campaigns and storytelling that demonstrates what sets us apart.

Those media campaigns will specifically focus on the vertically integrated aspects of TILT’s business-to-business model, such as hardware, software, and distribution services offered to other companies in the cannabis sector. 

TILT has seen some major upper management changes in recent months, with Tim Conder of the recently-acquired Blackbird Services moving from Senior Vice President of Software and Services to the role of Chief Operating Officer. 

Former CEO Alex Coleman also stepped down from his position back in May, after which Scatterday was appointed by the company’s board as the new interim Chief Executive Officer. 

Since that time, Scatterday has released a series of open letters to investors about the state of the company and plans to move forward with new acquisitions and greater transparency. 

Part of the growth the company has seen since that management change includes expansion in Massachusetts, where TILT subsidiary Commonwealth Alternative Care was granted a license to expand an existing cultivation facility with an extra 19,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space. 

That newly-approved expansion will specifically be utilized for producing infused cannabis products on new automated equipment.  

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