Microtasks that Pay in Bitcoin

While Bitcoin mining is one of the fastest ways to accumulate the cryptocurrency, the high startup costs involved make it unsuitable for most. If you want to capitalize on Bitcoin, but aren’t in a position to afford the significant investment that mining demands, you might want to consider doing microtasks to earn free bitcoin.

CoinWorker is a marketplace that provides specialized microtasks to accumulate bitcoin. When you complete tasks with CoinWorker, you’ll be paid in points where each point is worth approximately $0.01. Tasks typically pay between $0.03 and $.05, but some tasks can be more than $1.00. The tasks enlisted on CoinWorker are easy to perform and usually take only a few minutes to accomplish.

Some websites provide a platform for job seekers and prospective employers to connect where remuneration is paid in cryptocurrency. One such site that connects employees and employers is WorkforBitcoin.

Coinality also features various full-time, part-time, and freelancing jobs that pay in cryptocurrencies, namely Dogecoin and Litecoin. Some companies that post job requirements on Coinality are Second Market, Bitpay, and Ripple. Other favourite Bitcoin job boards that feature a wide range of employment opportunities are Jobs4Bitcoins by Reddit and Bitgigs.

Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are reward-based websites or apps that pay in Satoshi (one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin) — so don’t expect to make much. Satoshis are offered to visitors when they view an ad, complete a captcha or other task required by the website. Bitcoin is usually available for visitors in specific time intervals, such as every five minutes. There are faucets that dispense other cryptocurrencies as well.

A popular Bitcoin faucet is Moon Bitcoin. Other popular Bitcoin faucets are Daily Free Bits, FreeBitcoin, and Bitcoin Zebra.

Earn Bitcoin from using Bitcoin faucet

List of Bitcoin Faucets

  • BTC4Free.site
  • CryptoRacers.com
  • Bitemplum.cloud
  • Digicoin.website
  • GetYourBitco.in
  • Bitfun.co
  • Qoinpro.com
  • GetCoinFree.com
  • BonusBitcoin.co
  • Bitgames.io
  • Multi-CoinFaucet.com
  • Bitcoinker.com

Another option to make money from faucets is to start one yourself! Though it’s hard to make a profit from a faucet site, it can be done. Since there’s a proliferation of such sites today it’s challenging to recoup the costs of the coins distributed to visitors while covering hosting expenses. The only way profit can be generated from a Bitcoin faucet is to offer unique features/user experiences that differentiate your site from the many others. Here’s a good guide to building a Bitcoin faucet for yourself.

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Part 4 – Freelancing in Exchange for Bitcoin

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