Freelancing in Exchange for Bitcoin

There’s a vast market for freelance services such as content writing, graphic design, and web development. Numerous websites provide a platform for freelance service providers and employers to connect with each other.

A new twist to these platforms is the ability to get paid in bitcoin instead of standard fiat currency. If you have a skill that employers find useful, you can earn a large amount of crypto from it.

Earning bitcoin through freelance work offers two significant benefits:

  • Little or no costs involved in providing freelancing work, unlike if you decide to pursue Bitcoin mining or investing.
  • Large payments that can offer bitcoin worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, unlike other methods such as microtasks or faucets that only provide tiny amounts of bitcoin.

Freelancing is your best bet if you want to earn a good amount of cryptocurrency with minimal or no investment.

Once you know what kind of freelance service you want to offer, the next step is to register for an online market that offers payment in Bitcoin. XBT Freelancer is one interesting option. This site provides well-paying freelance work, though much of it is technical, which may not be appropriate for all freelancers.

Another online marketplace, Cryptogrind, offers freelancers more straightforward work for lower amounts of bitcoin. If you’re familiar with Fiverr, you’ll have an idea what Cryptogrind is all about.

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Blogging for Bitcoin

If you know how to make money online, then you know about Adsense, or putting ads up on your site in exchange for money.

The same idea works with Bitcoin. If you can create great content, then signing up with a Bitcoin-based ad network such as BitMedia is an option for you. Such networks pay users in bitcoin in exchange for clicks on ads displayed on your site. The higher the number of clicks, the more bitcoin you can earn.

Bitcoin ad networks can be used on any website, but the effectiveness is much higher when the site focuses on relevant topics like cryptocurrencies and related technologies because the advertising is heavily weighted towards Bitcoin-related products and services – since the ads are related to Bitcoin if the content you write is related to Bitcoin it’s more likely that readers are going to click on the ad.

If you don’t like to write but still would like to publish a website, you can outsource your writers on sites like Upwork or by posting a job ad on Freelance Writing Jobs.

To determine how much to pay for blog writing you can use the following formula. A typical blog article normally takes about one hour to write 500 words. At 3.5c per word that comes out to about $17.50, which is the common (though unwritten) standard used in the industry to charge for blog articles.

For a website focused on crypto it’ll require a writer with tech and finance knowledge, which means they probably have a college degree and have worked in at least one of these industries. So it’s unlikely to get the quality of writing you’re looking for if paying $17.50 per hour (which is a little below the average hourly wage in America. Someone with a good amount of knowledge and work experience is going to be looking for something that pays around $30 to $50 an hour, which is around 6c to 10c per word (based on the aforementioned formula). If you’re looking for a seasoned writer or expert in their field look to pay more than this.

Writing for Other Sites

If the idea of launching your own website is more than you can stomach, you can write for other sites that pay you in bitcoin.

To properly write about bitcoin, it demands knowledge of cryptocurrencies and the ability to understand the technology cryptocurrencies are based on. If you possess adequate knowledge and interest in cryptocurrencies, then you can choose to work with a blog or news site.

Many sites are actively seeking out writers to fill a required quota of posts on various sites. There’s a lot of variation in salaries for this kind of work depending on the writer’s level of expertise and mastery of the English language, but if you get good at it, you can earn $30 or more per hour.

Rates for freelance writing are typically paid per word or per project. Though most writers make an average of $35 for a 1,000 word blog write-up, if you’re an authoritative writer you could make $80 to $200+ for a 1,000 word article.

If you’re interested in writing, an excellent method to find Bitcoin blogs who are hiring is through Coinality. This site provides an aggregate compilation of most Bitcoin jobs posted online.

Part 5 – Affiliate Marketing

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