Bitcoin Tutoring

After you gain in-depth knowledge of the world of crypto and specifically Bitcoin, you may want to educate others who are new to this digital marketplace.

Many people are keen to learn from your experience on topics such as Bitcoin investment tactics or how to set up a miner correctly. If you have great content and deep insights about cryptocurrencies, you can earn some good coin by teaching others.

Making YouTube videos is a sagacious way to get started teaching about Bitcoin. Teaching on the topic of crypto through YouTube videos won’t make you wealthy, but you can create ad revenue through Google’s Adsense program. If your channel becomes a well-regarded source of information on cryptocurrency, this earning could even be substantial.

If making YouTube videos is not your forte, then you can consider writing articles about the various facets of cryptocurrency. Also, online courses on crypto are an excellent method to earn bitcoin, but they require a significant amount of time and effort to set-up. If you do decide to create a course on cryptocurrencies, then it is advisable to market it on a user-generated content portal such as Udemy (or if you have the marketing and web publishing know-how you can run a site yourself).

This site allows you to sell your course at a price that you determine and you have access to millions of users globally. You should ensure that the advice you are disseminating is worth paying for. If you devise a course where the information is readily available on Google, it can be challenging to find customers.

Some innovative bitcoin tutoring startups have their own websites and are nicely cashing in on the demand from crypto knowledge seekers. These include names such as Blockchain Tutoring, Bitcoin Tutor, and Code Mentor.

Earn bitcoin - blockchain software development

Blockchain Software Development

The options in this list until now provide simple, straightforward ways to earn Bitcoin. However, if you’d like to generate a regular income through bitcoin then undertaking web development work for a burgeoning number of sites is a good idea. Every new site that accepts bitcoin provides an opportunity for a developer specializing in blockchain technology. If you can develop software related to cryptocurrencies, then you’re likely to be highly sought after in the years to come.

Needless to say, this manner of earning money through bitcoin is complicated. You will need a strong grasp of mathematics, computer programming, and computer science. You will also need to specialize in blockchain technology.

Despite these high barriers to entry, becoming a blockchain developer may be highly advantageous for you. Skilled blockchain developers can earn tons. The average salary for a developer is $75,000 while top developers can earn more than $300,000 a year. Sites such as list dozens of jobs for blockchain developers.

Some blockchain developers who have created successful startups include: W3Villa and Pragmatic Coders.

Part 7 – Bitcoin Lending

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