Christopher Wood

Financial engineering of Corporate America

The Financial Engineering of Corporate America

Investment strategist Christopher Wood writes about financial engineering in corporate America, and the shocking lack of tangible book value in the S&P 500. Also, how a strong US economy and higher inflation will be a negative for the US stock market.... Read More»
Asian stock markets

Higher Growth at a Discount: Asian Stock Markets Trump US

Following the machine-driven stock market correction discussed here last week, it is worth outlining the recommended asset allocation in terms of which stock markets investors should favour. The main recommendation here is to invest in Asia and emerging markets. In the developed world Japan is favoured over Europe and U.S., in that order. But Asia and emerging markets are favoured above all.... Read More»

Christopher Wood

Head of Investment Strategy

Chris is internationally renowned for his weekly institutional research newsletter GREED & fear. He has correctly identified all major global financial bubbles over the last 3 decades (US sub-prime crisis, Nasdaq technology bubble, Asian financial crisis, and the Japanese financial meltdown). He’s also the author of three highly acclaimed books: Boom and Bust, The Bubble Economy, and The End of Japan Inc. Since May 2019, Chris has been Global Head of Equity Strategy at Jefferies.