In Michigan, things are looking positive for a vote in favour of legalizing marijuana once election time rolls around in November. However, state employees will still have to be careful not to lose their jobs due to marijuana use.

In fact, the ballot currently on tap for proposal specifically mentions the ability of businesses to conduct drug testing and enact discipline when employees fail said tests.

This facet of the bill is disheartening because the recreational use of marijuana will be legalized, but the potential to lose your job, even if you can perform all tasks and functions efficiently, is still present. Only those who use marijuana for medical purposes are covered should they fail a drug test through their employer.

Marijuana is largely achieving legalization comparable to alcohol, yet drug testing continues while employees do not typically undergo testing for alcohol consumption while they’re at work. Some proponents of federal level legalization feel that this may be the solution to resolving such an issue. The reason behind this view is largely conjecture since potential federal legalization is not within sight.

The proposed legislation for Michigan will create laws for marijuana similar to the restrictions for alcohol. Users have to be 21 and also are not allowed to have marijuana in their system while driving. However, as of now there are no tests to determine if this is the case at an accident scene or if police pull people over.

The legislation also stipulates that those who have already been charged due to marijuana use or possession will not receive a pardon. Therefore, it’s not wise to push the laws now, with legalization on the horizon. Possession or use now will still result in charges and even jail time, which won’t go away once marijuana is legalized.

This is a sticking point for some legalization supporters, as they feel pardons should be issued for people who are serving time or have records for marijuana possession. However, there are no plans for pardons in any form.

Therefore, for now and the foreseeable future, it is best to avoid marijuana use when a drug test might be conducted at the workplace.

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