A retailer in Boulder will be able to keep patients stocked up during the coronavirus lockdown after gaining Colorado’s first marijuana delivery license.

Last year lawmakers passed HB 1234, which legalized medical marijuana deliveries across the state. However, it was left up to individual municipalities to decide whether they want to opt-in. Boulder is the first municipality to grant a license.

The Dandelion, a medical marijuana dispensary owned by Native Roots Cannabis Co., is the proud recipient of the permit. It intends to commence cannabis deliveries by the end of March.

Native Roots has 21 medical and recreational dispensaries across the state. It hopes that other municipalities will grant delivery licenses so that patients can access the medicine they need during this period of travel restrictions, lockdowns, and closures.

“With permission from both municipal and state regulators, we are excited to begin the first-ever legal cannabis delivery service in Colorado [and] we are hopeful other jurisdictions will follow their lead and opt-in to medical delivery as soon as possible,” said Shannon Fender, Native Roots’ director of public affairs, in a press release.

Medical marijuana patients can call the store to request a delivery. Native Roots said it is working on rolling out an online ordering system too.

The news release from Native Roots also featured quotes from Boulder County Rep. Jonathan Singer, one of the sponsors of HB 1234. He said the bill was designed to ensure that patients could get safe access to their medicine when they are not able or well enough to pick it up themselves.

The Boulder Chamber of Commerce also hailed the city’s decision to become the first municipality in Colorado to permit medical marijuana deliveries.

Last week Gov. Jared Polis declared a state of emergency in an effort to bring the coronavirus outbreak under control. He followed up by ordering all bars, restaurants, and other large gathering places across Colorado to close for the next 30 days this week. The decision led to the cancellation of Denver’s annual 4/20 cannabis festival.

Yesterday a third person died from COVID-19 in the state of Colorado. The patient was a man in his 60s. Officials said he had contact with a woman in her 80s who also died from the virus.

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