Cannabis edibles and infused products packaged and sold in Nevada have new requirements to meet now that the calendar has turned to a new year. On Jan. 1, 2019, a new stipulation set forth by Nevada’s Marijuana Enforcement Division went into effect.

All single serve cannabis edibles and any product infused with cannabis must clearly display a stamp or mould that shows it contains THC.

This requires all single serve cannabis edibles and any product infused with cannabis to clearly display a stamp or mould that shows it contains THC. The intent of the new regulation is to make sure consumers are informed of the ingredient even if the item is out of its packaging. The specific symbol in Nevada is a triangle that contains an exclamation point at the top and the clear letters THC underneath the punctuation.

Most dispensaries have a specific department or employee who will be responsible for ensuring the edibles that were made after Jan. 1 have the symbol clearly displayed. Current inventory that was packaged prior to the Jan. 1 deadline do not have to be marked as such. For some companies, the receiving process will be lengthened as they make sure that some inventory delivered in concealing packaging is viewed to guarantee the mould is in place as required.

The discussion of this labeling requirement became a topic of discussion towards the end of last year. Some companies were forced to adjust their manufacturing process to include such a mould. For others who were just starting out, their product creation tools were created to include the mould from the get-go.

The company’s revenue should not be affected significantly by the change, because unsold merchandise made prior to Jan. 1, 2019 can still be sold in approved vendor locations. Meanwhile, the companies had notification to adjust their process to include the mould and can maintain profits with the revenue from the older products created.

Concerns about the product are that individuals, especially children, could consume the product because they were unaware of the inclusion of THC. Now that each serving of the product is labeled, the likelihood of this confusion decreases.

Moving forward, businesses will be required to ensure the products are properly marked and attempt to slowly rid themselves of the inventory made prior to the new year and regulation implementation.

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