Starseed Medicinal Inc. has announced that it has reached an agreement to be the medical marijuana supplier for Canadian retail pharmacy chain Shoppers Drug Mart Corp.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Canada’s leading pharmacy network,” said Angelo Tsebelis, President of Starseed, in a written news release. “Shoppers Drug Mart has taken a leadership role to validate cannabinoid therapy. We are excited to be working together as Starseed continues to expand its reach in the paid benefits space.”

Last month (July), Shoppers Drug Mart partnered with Manulife Financial Corp. as part of the insurer’s medical marijuana program set to launch this fall once marijuana becomes legalized in Canada on October 17.

Under the program, specially trained pharmacists will assist Manulife plan members who are approved for medical cannabis coverage, providing advice on different strains of cannabis and administration methods, as well as ongoing case management support via check-ins, counselling, education and phone, and email support.

The agreement between Starseed and Shoppers Drug Mart is dependent on Health Canada’s approval of Shoppers Drug Mart’s application to be a licensed marijuana producer. The marijuana products dispensed by Shoppers Drug Mart are expected to be sold online due to current regulations that restrict the sale of medical marijuana in retail pharmacy outlets.

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