Current societal views regarding marijuana use have taken a positive turn, and that has gone against the preference of the Trump administration.

In an attempt to deter this positive swing in marijuana perception, the Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee has been created. This committee is assigned to analyze the legislation on the books for state legalization of marijuana and see if they can find flaws. Meanwhile, they’re also working against any positive messages regarding marijuana that are circulating.

Various federal departments and agencies were assigned to come up with the data that best shows the negative impact of marijuana and all the potential dangers that come with marijuana use. These were intended for use to combat any programs cultivating positive public perception.

The tactics are reminiscent of prohibitionist tactics from the past. The administration has made limited or no comment on the committee, although some groups were willing to discuss the data they gathered and the potential takeaway from said statistics.

Public response to the committee has been far from supportive. Those in the marijuana industry want answers as to why this was deemed necessary. In fact, since Trump’s platform seemed favourable to marijuana legalization prior to his election, marijuana investors and supporters are looking for answers as to why this sudden about-face has occurred.

Concern ranges from the idea that the president is finally showing his true opinion on the matter of marijuana legalization, while the other potential answer is that the committee was formed without the knowledge of the president. This apparently is a possibility, as things do occur within the administration that make it past the president’s attention, according to those in the know.

For those who do not support the current president, this argument supports their contention that the president is not paying attention, particularly to day-to-day policy issues. This is not a favourable perspective for people to take, but it is a plausible one in light of this situation.

Either way, people hope to get answers on why Trump’s administration has put this tactic to use, especially considering the elections in the near future.

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