Several states have passed legislation legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, and various businesses within the states have jumped on the bandwagon. Capitalizing on the newly legalized drug is the name of the game, and the intent is to incorporate the drug into marketing campaigns and foods offered through hotels.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a non-intoxicating compound from the cannabis plant. It still provides a relaxing effect like marijuana is known to, and that is what restaurants are hoping to bring to interested patrons. The items that include CBD range from cocktails to desserts. The menu additions have been popping up in the nine states where recreational use of marijuana has been legalized, including the state of California.

Morgan Night, owner of two establishments in Cali, has focused the properties on the use of marijuana and has seen remarkable interest as a result. His Hicksville Pines Bud and Breakfast, located in Idyllwild, offers rooms that create the right vibe – complete with blacklight posters. Meanwhile, the vending machine onsite is never empty. Night’s other property is known as the Hicksville Trailer Palace and Artist Retreat. While accommodations are in trailers, the guests will be happy to find pot samples decorating their turned down beds.

Other hotels in the state are broadcasting their intention to serve pot smokers, while some let the right circles of patrons know they tolerate the use of marijuana without incorporating it into their marketing campaigns.


In New York City, meanwhile, a renowned chef has revamped his room service menu to include dinner entrees and desserts. Well-known chef Andrea Drummer is the genius behind the room service menu, currently served at the James NoMad Hotel.

A test of dinners in Seattle incorporating marijuana into the menu was offered to hotel regulars at the Thompson Seattle. The marijuana, complete with THC, was served in various dishes served at the dinner. The response was positive, and Derek Simcik, the executive chef, says he plans to hold future dinners that will be open to the public, for a fee. The test events, of which there have been two, were free to those who frequent the hotel reliably.


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