With marijuana sales increasing, the need to keep the product fresh has spurred Grown Rogue to introduce a new method to the marijuana packaging market.

Grown Rogue has moved forward with a patent-pending technology and has introduced a 3.5-ounce flower jar intended to provide not only longer freshness for each user but also the opportunity to view the product and ensure it is of premium quality.

Grown Rogue introduced a nitrogen-sealed pre-roll in January 2018. Since then, efforts have been made to utilize the method, which is comparable to vacuum-sealed freshness, in other packaging. Company officials noted the new product packaging was created using feedback from customers, rather than focusing on studies or government testing results. They also feel internal testing does not accurately reflect the value of potential new methods, and thus rely on the feedback of users as the most accurate determination of any successful addition to their products or packaging methods.

This announcement is part of a multi-faceted business move that has growth on various fronts. One of those has been successful efforts to secure a niche on the Canadian Stock Exchange, while another facet is a focus on moving forward with efforts to extend their operation to serve multiple states.

In October, Grown Rogue completed a reverse takeover of Novicius Corp., a public Canadian company, which facilitates their trade efforts on the stock exchange in Canada. Meanwhile, the company has plans to enter the California marijuana market by the end of 2018.

Grown Rogue also plans to have a micro-business facility in Eureka, CA, to facilitate their entry into the state’s marijuana market.

Grown Rogue currently offers products in over 200 dispensaries in Oregon. The company also operates two outdoor farms and one facility that cultivates marijuana indoors using state-of-the-art methods and technology. The company is noted for the seed-to-experience focus and also the intent to provide premium quality product.

Revenues for the company were reported on the rise from the second to the third quarter of 2018, with hopes that trend will continue with their moves in the market over the coming months.

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